Swim Deck, Hydraulic Winch, and Tackle Trays

So they got the swim deck on and wrapped up for the most part on the stern. The next order of business was getting the hydraulic anchor winch installed. We chose to go with the biggest one we could get our hands on and it features a 24″ drum. WOW!!!! We had them put some …

V-Berth Bunks and Access Ladder

We wanted to make sure we could get 4 good bunks into the v-berth as we want to be able to target the overnight market and multi-day hunting transport trips. While we were in Port Townsend @ ACI Boats we worked with them on coming up with a good layout for this. We had to …

Some cool shots of the build

We’ve got so many photo’s of this process. Our lead welder for our project has been taking tons of pictures for us and we want to show off some his awesome work. Thanks Nick!!!  

Outdrive assemblies Installed, Engine Bay work, Thru hulls, and Battery boxes

More pictures of the Volvo drive system going in. They got a bunch of work done in the engine bay as well.

Meet the “Twins”

So this past week ACI Boats began the installation of the Twins. The engine package has been fit into place and the outdrive transom assemblies are on. The guys installed the battery boxes and then worked on some finish work on the back deck. The motor and drive package consists of twin Volvo Penta D6 …

The Work Continues

The boat is steadily on its way towards being finished. Here’s some pics of the last stretch of progress.

She’s FLIPPED!!!! Now on to getting that cabin fabricated.

So progress continued rapidly on the build. Here’s some pics of the Main cabin going on. Enjoy!

Work Continues on the F/V Strait Crazy

So the team at ACI Boats has continued to do a great job getting a bunch of work done on the boat. It’s really moving fast. Completion date is slated for April 10 and we should be able to hit that target without issue. Government shut down had us a bit nervous but luckily the …

Super quick Progress on the F/V Strait Crazy

So the boat is going fast. ACI is doing great at getting a jump on our new build. We are going to be set up for some awesome Alaska Halibut Fishing charters. We’re thinking that the boat is going to cruise around 27-28 knots. That’s a little slower than we’d like but the comfort and …