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Closest Saltwater Fishing Trips From Anchorage

Are you looking for an epic Alaska adventure? Look no further, Crazy Ray’s Adventures has been operating daily Alaska fishing trips for halibut, salmon, rock fish, and combo charters for over two decades. We have 4 custom boats to choose from with a variety of trip options for fishing, hunting and eco-tours. We fish from 2 different port locations which are both a short easy drive from Anchorage.

Captain Crazy Ray & Brenda Owners And Operators
Family Owned & Operated
Ray & his wife Brenda, owners of Crazy Ray’s Adventures, are resident Alaskan’s who have operated their family business now for over two decades offering daily Alaska fishing trips for halibut, salmon & rockfish. They also offer hunts and eco tours.

We take pride in providing the best client experience possible and our reviews show it. We go the extra mile to make sure our guests have a great trip.

Plus, we don’t take short cuts when it comes to the boats, fishing gear, and equipment it takes to make your Alaska fishing trip, hunt or eco tour the best it can possibly be.”

Rated #1 on Trip Advisor!


Seward Fishing Trips

Seward Alaska Fishing Charters

Seward is a beautiful 2.5 hour drive south of Anchorage which takes you along Cook Inlet, through the Kenai Mountains, along Kenai Lake then into the coastal fishing town of Seward, situated at the head of Resurrection Bay. This is our jump off point for our Seward fishing trips.


Whittier Fishing Trips

Alaska Halibut Fishing Whittier

Whittier is a one hour drive south of Anchorage and is the closest port to Anchorage for halibut fishing trips. The stunning drive takes you along Cook Inlet and through the longest tunnel combining vehicles and railway in North America, This is where we launch our Whittier fishing trips.


*These are the closest Anchorage halibut fishing and salmon fishing charter options available in saltwater.

Jeff Frost
Jeff Frost
Sea Duck hunt of a lifetime! Thank you from all of us: Michigan Duck Hunter! Jeff Frost
Brandon King
Brandon King
Had an awesome time out chasing Sea Ducks! Definitely was one of the coolest and scenic trips I have ever done. Would recommend to anyone looking to get out to chase birds. Been hunting birds a long time and this was a dream come true. Just to be able to say I chased the Harlequin is insane and to harvest two was speechless. Every spot we got set up on we saw all kinds of birds and/or harvested birds. Can't wait to come back down and do some fishing with Ray now!
I don't even know where to begin... My wife and I did the Sea Duck hunt with Crazy Ray. After doing this hunt, it really makes me question the people that left 1 star or bad reviews for Ray and his crew on other trips we read reviews about. With that being said, Listen Linda... For starters, my wife and I are fairly new to Waterfowl hunting. We booked this trip with hopes of taking a few birds (Knowing NOTHING is guaranteed when it comes to Hunting/Fishing) but being from the Midwest, we really wanted to enjoy another trip to Alaska and take in all it has to offer. Our adventure started with the Tunnel leading into Whittier. That in itself was pretty impressive. When we arrived at the shack "Crazy Rays" we went inside where we met Ray, the other 3 guys we would be hunting with (Uncle Si, Bob, Thad) and Manny. We were given a pretty thorough briefing on what to expect, how to act on the boat for our safety, how to identify the birds we were after and how to shoot to have the best chances of success at taking the birds we were after. Once on the boat, we all got to know each other and just enjoyed the scenery of Prince William Sound as we navigated to the hunting grounds... We got set up and Hunted that afternoon. To say Manny and Ray put us on the "X" is an understatement. After our first shoot, one of the guys in our group (Uncle Si) made the comment it was more like self defense than hunting. The birds pretty much wanted to land in our laps. Needless to say, we ended up with quite a few birds in our first hunt. That evening, back on the boat, we were all expecting hot dogs and baked beans or something of the sort for supper. I think I speak for the whole group when I say we were pleasantly surprised when Manny fired up the smoker and made us Smoked chicken with stuffing, Mac n cheese and cooked vegetables for supper. The next morning we got up and after eating our breakfast burritos, we went after Harlequin. As an avid hunter, I personally like the way they did this particular part of the hunt. Ray and Manny are deffinitely dedicated to getting the clients their birds, but while the limit is 4, they only allow you to take 2 in order to help bring back the Harlequin population. They are not out there trying to Kill every Harlequin they see. I LOVED this about them. Besides that, we didn't just hunt them in one area. We moved around a lot to keep the pressure off just 1 group of birds... After we all got our 2 Harlequin (along with quite a few more Golden Eyes) we ended up back at the boat for supper. Manny surprised us again with pork ribs off the smoker, cooked veggies, chicken Alfredo and stuffing... Day 3 they set us all up in groups of 2 for the morning hunt and then put us all together for the afternoon. The afternoon hunt did NOT go well... Ray and Manny put more birds in front of us than we could count but we didn't have to take our socks off to count how many we killed. It was one of those days where nobody could hit anything... That night over supper (Halibut, Veggies, stuffing) there were a few friendly jabs thrown around by Ray and Manny about our shooting but all was taken in good fun and we all had some good laughs. Our final morning, we got up and they put us on the X again. Birds were literally in our face for 2 hours straight. Our shooting was much better as well which made for a great hunt to end the trip... We all signed up for a Harlequin/Golden eye hunt but at the end of the trip we had taken Harlequin, Golden Eyes, Scoters, and Mergansers. We saw Old Squaws and several different puddle ducks as well. All in all one of the Best guided hunts I've been on. I felt like Hunting with Ray and Manny was more like hunting with a couple old buddies you haven't seen in a few years. Everyone on the boat agreed. If anyone ever hunts with these 2 guys and feels otherwise, I suggest asking Manny for some Triactin. In summary, we absolutely had a Blast and are already planning our next trip with Crazy Rays Adventures.
Peter Wagner
Peter Wagner
Everyone had a wonderful time and harvested the sea ducks they were all after, mainly Harlequin and Barrow's Goldeneye. The evening meals were surprisingly good, often cooked on an onboard Traeger grill! The vessel accommodated the six hunters and two crew easily. Hunting was done in protected waters so wearing my scopolamine patch was a waste of money. Even though we had two days of weather I don't remember the large boat rocking once and the hunting was good regardless. If you need these ducks you now know where to go. Do it while you can before the hunting of Harlequin in no longer an option (I am from Washington state).
Brian Gronenthal
Brian Gronenthal
This was a long-time planned fishing trip and as far as the fishing and all the hard work of the two deck hands go, it was good. But the owner of the boat, Ray, who took us out, he was very rude and didn't communicate with us. This was a very expensive trip and we left very disappointed with the way we were treated. I will not be going with Crazy Ray's again. Response to Ray: Wow! If you had been this loquacious on the boat, maybe we all would've had a better time. You never explained the rules or how the catches worked (we had to ask the deckhands after we started pulling up fish), you didn't tell us that you wanted to move to smoother waters to help our daughter feel better (you just left with three large halibut left uncaught), and you never even told us to leave the cabin when we got to the first fishing spot. You were frustrated that we weren't coming out, but we were waiting patiently for you to tell us to do so, as per your instructions. Lack of communication, sir. I want to correct you on the record about our daughter: she was not puking, she was not crying, and she never does anything that she doesn't want to do. No, she wasn't feeling well, but she was determined to get her halibut, and she was getting tired and frustrated that she kept pulling up cod. Not that she's not happy to have so much cod in the freezer, but she wanted that halibut. The only one she felt pressure from to keep fishing was you, ironically. I asked her several times if she wanted to be done, but she's no quitter. She wanted that fish. As for discouraging children from fishing, you should have been more concerned about our 8-year-old son, who was born with a fishing pole in his hand. He absolutely loves fishing and asks almost every day to go, but he left your boat disappointed because you interfered with his catch unfairly, unprofessionally, and incorrectly. I was fishing with my 7-year-old son, he caught his little halibut, then a flounder, and then I caught my little halibut. After that he went inside for a snack, so I started fishing with my 8-year-old. He caught his little halibut, but you insisted that it was his second. When I tried to explain to you that it was his first, you pointed your finger at me, raised your voice, and yelled that you knew it was his second, and that he was done. That really put a damper on things for everyone, the captain yelling at one of our family members, and you left our son wondering what he done that he wasn't allowed to get a big fish when everyone else was. Maybe if you had bothered to ask us our names at the beginning of the trip, you would've been able to tell our boys apart and avoided that whole embarrassing debaucle and not dampened his day. I also don't understand why you're complaining about us bringing our kids. You asked for seven and up, we brought seven and up. We had four kids who could fish on their own and five adults to the three little ones. Eight if you count your deckhands and yourself. That seems acceptable to me. And honestly, it was. We all did fine with the kids. Apparently the only one who had a problem with it was you, and you did very little as far as the actual fishing went. We did not ask nor expect you to break the law; we did not ask, sign-up-for, nor expect to go salmon fishing (we didn't even have salmon stamps on our fishing licenses); and as for the glaciers, we didn't know that they were out of the way. If they had been on the way, it would've been awesome to drive by them. Since they weren't, we were understanding and dropped the subject. Why you felt the need to even mention that is beyond me. Clearly, you enjoy writing far more than you do talking. Perhaps you should consider a career where you write about people fishing instead of taking people fishing. If you could work on the libel and stick to the truth, you could be really good at it.
Patrick Gainey
Patrick Gainey
Now I’ve been on some sketchy vessels, given money to captains that have zero give a damn, and always go fishing to enjoy myself, not with the need or expectation of landing a giant. Im telling you what, This operation is a world class outfit, bar none. I’ve fished all over the world, and gone on many charter trips in Alaska. Crazy Ray, Brenda, and their crew are the most laid back and welcoming! These guys taught me many different techniques I haven’t seen, and explained the steps very thoroughly. My day of fishing started off with a delicious coffee right at their harbor view office, and ended at the airport with boxes of fish getting bombarded with how did you catch that many fish during poor weather? Well duh, Simply the success came from the attitude and work ethic of this well oiled team. I don’t always go fishing on the ocean, but when I do the operation that crazy rays crew has going will always be standard I use to judge my trip on. Thank you for the memories, all your hard work, and the friendships I’ve gained! Y’all kick butt. Cant wait to be back!
Joshua Sedlak
Joshua Sedlak
Amazing coffee! Super helpful and friendly! Highly recommend!
Amy Jones
Amy Jones
Didn't disappoint - was put right on fish, limited out quickly. They made sure all were able to get their limit. Nice and warm in cabin. Glad we were placed onto the larger boat due to rocky seas that day. Didn't get seasick as land was well within sight - had a great time. Thanks so much!!
Santa Ed Sevcik
Santa Ed Sevcik
The crew were FANTASTIC!!! FIVE STARS IS NOT ENOUGH! Thank you for you above and beyond attitudes and your help. Top of the extra nice list!
Dave Supinger
Dave Supinger
We had a charter scheduled with 6 of us, but unfortunately the weather wasn't the best and wind picked up so we weren't able to launch and spend a day catching fish on the charter. They were very nice and gave us a refund but then told us a few local areas we could try to catch some fish and offered to reschedule us, but we left Alaska the next day and it didn't work. we plan to use them again in the future when we take a trip back to Alaska.

Custom Boats | Heated Cabins | Restroom On Board | Fully Guided

Amazing Alaska Fishing Trips!

At Crazy Ray’s we have lots of different choices of Alaska fishing trips to choose from. With 4 boats to choose from and trip options you are sure to find a day, time, and tip option that will work for you and your friends or family.

Alaska Halibut Fishing Trips

Alaska fishing is one of the most exciting things to do while visiting Alaska. Many times our clients travel thousands of miles to get that once in a lifetime opportunity to go fishing for these phenomenal fish.

Imagine having the chance at sinking a hook into a fish several times your size, and then battling the beast all the way to the boat. It can be the ride of your life. It really makes for heart pumping action that will get your adrenaline flowing, as these massive fish fight to the bitter end.

Although catching monster fish doesn’t happen everyday, the thrill of the chase brings people back for more every year. We fish for Alaska Halibut on the bottom using big baits and heavy hitting gear fully capable of landing these brutes.

Halibut trips are great for the entire family! Halibut fishing charters can be a great experience for the entire family as well. We often have entire family groups on the boat to join in on the fun. We enjoy helping novice fishermen and the Pro’s alike.

If you would like to get in on a piece of the fun, you can now book fishing charters online right here on our website or give us a call and we will set you up. We hope to see you and your friends on one of our Alaska halibut charters with Crazy Ray’s Adventures. The best halibut fishing trips in Alaska!

King Salmon Fishing Trips

They don’t call them king salmon for nothing and you will instantly realize the raw power and aggressiveness these fish exhibit while in the saltwater. Often times the angler will bring a king salmon to the boat 5 or 6 times before the fish is able to be successfully netted.

When the Alaska king salmon are in good, multiple hook ups are very common and fishing can be fast. We keep the boat moving hunting for the schools of salmon so we keep our clients on top of them. We typically like to target Alaska king salmon by trolling for them. This allows us to cover more water resulting in more presentations to more fish on our alaska fishing trips.

Silver Salmon Fishing Trips

The rich waters of Prince William Sound are teeming with all species of Alaska salmon. All of our Alaska salmon fishing trips are multi-species combo charters and we target as many species as possible every day. When silver salmon numbers are good we typically target them after we have caught our halibut and other species. Silver salmon are an absolute blast to catch and they typically entertain you by making huge jumps into the air and running every which way. It can at times be a total state of chaos with fish flying everywhere, nets doing the “huck ‘n’ chuck”, and the clients doing the silver salmon shuffle. Better bring your dancing shoes if the silvers are in!

Multi-Species Combo Trips

All of our fishing charters are true multi-species charters because we dedicate the time to travel to different areas which hold specific types of fish. The day begins early in the morning and we typically travel a couple of hours to get to the fishing grounds. Once there, we will begin targeting specific fish based on the tide and weather conditions.

On our guided saltwater fishing charters you can catch multiple species on our fishing charters including halibut, rock fish, ling cod, pacific cod and various kinds of North Pacific salmon depending on the season. Because so many fishing trip packages are available, your chances of bringing home fish are greatly increased. Often times our clients bring home a nice mixed bag of different kinds of fish.

Our Fleet of Custom Built Boats

Prince William Sound is known for protected waterways surrounded by numerous islands and bays.

You will ride to the Halibut fishing grounds in comfort in our custom built vessels featuring fully enclosed heated cabins, private marine toilets, and state of the art navigational electronics.

Our captains hold USCG 100 Ton Masters Licenses with offshore endorsements and they are CPR First Aid trained and insured. Safety is a top priority on all of our vessels which are USCG compliant for our OUPV six pack rating.

We Use The Best Quality Fishing Gear

We are are proudly sponsored by Okuma Fishing USA and we use their highest quality rods and reels on our Alaska halibut fishing charters. The reels feature a 2 speed transmission that allows our clients to virtually shift gears after the fish is hooked making it much easier and enjoyable to fight the fish. Our clients call it the “Easy Button”.

We have specific rods and reels for the various species of fish we are targeting. We don’t expect you to use the same set up for salmon that you would use for an Alaska halibut fishing charter.

Quality Okuma Gear with Crazy Rays Adventures

Eco Tours with Crazy Rays Adventures

Abundant Wildlife in Prince William Sound

The Sound is home to numerous species of marine mammals such as Stellar Sea Lions, Humpback, Minke and Killer whales, Sea Otters, Harbor Seals, and porpoises, just to name a few. The Sound also boasts the largest pink salmon run in the world and is known to have some of the richest coastlines in the United States.

At Crazy Rays we specialize in creating memories for our clients that will last a lifetime. Join us with your family and friends for a day on the water that will stay with you for years to come.

Fishing & Lodging Packages at Port Ashton Lodge

Alaska Halibut Fishing and Lodging Packages with Crazy Rays AdventuresMulti-Day Lodging & Fishing

When asked, our clients rave about the added value of selecting our multi-day lodging and fishing packages. This added value is seen in extended fishing time, relaxation, and a true Alaska Experience on a remote island in Prince William Sound.

On a multi-day charter our clients maximize their fishing time by eliminating up to 6 hours of travel time off of the fishing trip because of the location of the lodge. That means 6 more hours with lines in the water catching fish. This also allows the captain to spend more time targeting trophy sized fish as well.

Alaska Halibut Fishing and Lodging Packages at Port Ashton LodgeBeautiful Cabins & Amenities

After a long day on an Alaska halibut charter, what could be better than enjoying a fine meal and then taking a dip in Port Ashton’s one of a kind Saltwater hot tub? Don’t forget your swimming apparel. Rest those aching halibut fishing muscles that have been dragging big halibut in all day and just relax enjoying the sunset along the beachfront in beautiful Chenega Bay.

Once again with added time to your trip you can capitalize on a quality experience and not have to rush through the day. If you choose we will throttle back and enjoy the scenic parts of the trip, allowing for breath taking photo’s of whales, sea lions, porpoises,sea otters, and several other marine mammals.

There are multiple cabin options to choose from and some come furnished with private bathrooms, showers, and comfortable beds to facilitate up to 6 clients. You can choose to either have your meals fully catered or do it yourself. We aim to please on all of our Alaska halibut charters.

If you choose to go the do it yourself route, Port Ashton Lodge’s cabins have kitchens and BBQ grills in them for cooking or a private cookhouse is available for certain cabins as well.

Sponsors & Awards

Oakum Fishing Gear
Kodiak Custom Tackle
Savage Gear USA

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Month for Halibut Fishing in Alaska?

One of the prime months for halibut fishing in Prince William Sound is June. With the waters warming up and the halibut actively feeding, you have a great chance for an incredible fishing experience. June also offers the perfect combination of favorable weather conditions and abundant halibut populations, making it the go-to month for anglers seeking a thrilling adventure. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to reel in some monster halibut and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your charter today and get ready for the fishing trip of a lifetime!

Where is the Best Place in Alaska to Catch Halibut?

Prince William Sound offers the best opportunities to catch halibut in Alaska. Its diverse ecosystem, rich in fish and abundant food sources, creates an ideal habitat for halibut to thrive. With its deep waters, sheltered bays, and strong tidal currents, Prince William Sound provides the perfect conditions for a successful halibut fishing expedition. Don’t miss out on the chance to reel in some impressive halibut catches in this exceptional fishing destination.

How Much is a Halibut Charter in Alaska?

A halibut charter in Alaska can cost anywhere from $200 to $600 per person, depending on the duration and services included. Prices vary between different charter companies and locations within Alaska. It is recommended to research and compare prices from multiple charters to find the best option that suits your preferences and budget.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Halibut From Alaska?

Shipping costs for halibut from Alaska vary depending on factors such as distance, shipping method, and packaging requirements. It is recommended to request quotes from multiple shipping companies to compare prices accurately.

Here are some options for fish processing and shipping:

J-Dock Seafood (Local in Seward): 907-224-7272

Indian Valley Meats: 907-653-7511 (Closer to Anchorage)

10th and M Seafoods (Downtown Anchorage) 907-272-3474

AK Trophy Expediters (Anchorage): 907-223-2666

Trapper Creek (Anchorage) 907-561-8088

Go With Guides Who Actually Live & Fish In Alaska

Unlike many other charter operations that hire out of state guides that have never fished Alaska waters before, our captains are resident Alaskans that have decades of experience navigating and fishing the same water we will be taking take you to.