Alaska Black Bear Hunting Trips

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4 DAY 3 NIGHT LIVE ABOARD $3,000.00 per day

May 1 – June 7
The boat typically departs from the dock at around 8:00am the morning of the trip and returns at around 3 pm the last day of the trip

Join us for a 4 day 3 night live aboard in the beautiful Prince William Sound for (UNGUIDED) DIY Alaska Black Bear Hunts based from our Custom made 46′ x 16′ Newton Hull’d Delta, the F/V Sound Crazy. Black Bear populations are strong in Prince William Sound and client groups typically see multiple bears daily. Fishing equipment is available and at the clients request we can dedicate time to fishing for Halibut and Giant Short Raker Rockfish.

The F/V Sound Crazy is equipped with a tender for shuttling clients to shore for hunting or glassing from the boat is common while cruising at slow speeds at the clients direction. There is permanent sleeping accommodations for 9 people onboard, however we only bring up to 6 clients max per trip. We have everything needed for cooking and meal prep onboard as well as coffee and water. Clients must bring meals for the trip and any specific drinks that they may want.

Witness some of the most beautiful and breathtaking scenery that southcentral Alaska can offer.

Our location is very convenient as we are the closest Port to Anchorage, Alaska (The Big City) which puts us just a short 1 hr drive to get to Whittier. With our Custom built vessel,( LOA 46′ x 16′) we rarely see cancellations as our vessel is large enough to get us out on the water even in poor conditions. Clients typically fly into Anchorage International Airport, grab a rental car and head south to either Girdwood or Whittier for their stay the night before the trip.

When is the best time for Alaska Black Bear Hunts?

Our Alaska Black Bear transports run from May 1- June 7.

Many clients coming to Alaska are in pursuit of fully primed black bears without rubs. Early season trips clients could expect to see far fewer black bears however the opportunity for larger bears and bears without rubs would be more common.

Later in the season black bears are more prevalent however there will be a higher number of smaller bear sightings and the possibility for a black bear that has rubbed will be higher

Weather plays a major role in our Alaska Black Bear Hunts across the Prince William Sound. This is where we stand apart from many other outfitters across Alaska. We have extremely experienced Captains that have years of experience in this area. The boat we use for this is more than capable and will provide you the most comfortable experience one can have while aboard.


Alaska Black Bear Hunts With Crazy Ray'sWhy choose a liveaboard for your Alaska Black Bear Hunt?

The greatest advantage to choosing the liveaboard option for a black bear hunt is the ability to maximize your hunting time and opportunity.

Hunting locations can vary from 1-3 hours travel time from port one way depending on how far you would like to travel.

Another advantage of having the liveaboard vessel is that it provides you the opportunity to be established and ready to hunt at daybreak on the subsequent days. It is a common belief among big game hunters that the best hunting times of the day are in the first and last hours of daylight.

We can typically anchor the vessel near where your group decides they want to hunt in the morning.

What type of hunting experience is this?

This is a Do it yourself hunt or (DIY). We provide the primary vessel and the tender vessel to get clientele to and from the beach.

Prince William Sound has many different types of habitat and topography to choose hunting locations from. The vast area contains multiple rivers and delta’s with large feeding area’s or there is also numerous mountain valley’s with clearings to glass.

Some hunters elect to stay in a bay to glass a small area while others elect to stay on the move idling slowly while glassing a larger area. We work as instructed on where you would like to be.

When your group locates an area you would like to hunt from the shore, we will transport you to the beach for hunting.


What type of fishing can we do?

This time of year is what we call our shoulder season as it is towards the beginning of the annual migration of most species of fish.

On this trip we can fish for halibut and short raker rockfish. Be prepared to fish at depth as that is where these fish live. Both species are targeted by bottom fishing typically with large baits or jigs.

Because it is the shoulder season expect longer wait times in between bites and fish while targeting halibut.

The rockfish seem to be more prevalent this time of year than the halibut and frequency between bites is quicker. These fish are typically targeted at depths of 1000′ or deeper so be prepared to reel.

We may be able to target Magister Squid as well. Please let the crew know before departing if you would like to target squid.

What to bring on an Alaska Black Bear Hunts Transport?Alaska Black Bear Hunts Transport

As any hunter knows, good gear is essential to remaining comfortable while hunting. Weather can range from sunny and 50 degrees to 40mph winds and snow with temps dipping down into the teens. Dress in layers and be prepared for the cold. Hats and gloves are necessary. Bring dark colors if possible. Please coordinate with us a week out from your hunting dates for a more accurate weather update. It is very common for guys to bring knee high water proof boots.

Bring a sleeping bag and a small pillow. A pair of house shoes such as crocs are handy to have also. We ask that you minimize your gear to 2 bags. 1 large waterproof bag and 1 daypack. Hard luggages will not be allowed on the boat. When you board the boat stow your bags in your bunk. Guns are stored in the gun rack in the main cabin in the upright position. All weapons must be unloaded while onboard the boat, no exceptions.

Bring a gun cleaning kit and gun oil with you. We will have a kit on board the boat but may be limited to meeting your special needs. Good binoculars and spotting scope. Please note the crew cannot legally assist in the spotting or locating of black bears in any way.


Meals are provided by the clients. We have everything needed for food preparation oven with 3 burner top and a Traeger grill for cooking proteins on the boat. The boat will also have coffee and 10 gallons of water available for everyone onboard. The boat is equipped with a small fridge and we have additional coolers available for food storage as requested.

Guns and Ammo

Hunters are required to bring their own rifles and ammunition.

Hunting/Fishing License

If you are not a resident of Alaska you will need a Non-Resident Annual Big Game Hunting License which can be purchased here

Additionally you will need to get a registration permit for Unit 6D Black Bear and locking tag

If you would like to fish during the trip you will need to purchase a non-resident fishing license for any days you wish to fish.

Licenses and locking tags will need to be verified before the trip will depart. There isn’t anywhere local to source these so make sure you have purchased them ahead of time. Do not leave Anchorage if you have not got the proper licensing. Pictures of licensing or stamps will not work you must have hard copies for verification in person should a USFWS Agent or Alaska State Trooper request to see it.

Meet the boat

The F/V Sound Crazy is a custom built 46’ x 16’ mono hulled with a raised pilothouse. She is powered by twin Cummins 405 HP Diesels and she cruises nicely at around 20 knots. She is equipped with accommodations for up to 18 on a day trip and overnight accommodations for up to 9. The vessel is a United States Coast Guard Inspected Vessel and carries a 5 star USCG Safety Rating. There is state of the art Garmin electronics package equipped on the boat to include 24-mile radar and high powered sodium lights which allows us to safely navigate the vessel in the dark or low light conditions.

The main cabin is equipped with seating for 12 which includes two dinettes that can be quickly modified into bunks. The v-berth is equipped with 4 nice bunks allowing us to sleep a total of 8 clientele combined. There is a permanent 9kw generator onboard that provides for 110v service inside the cabin in the evening.

The boat is equipped with a Red Dot engine heater to provide additional heat while the engines are running and there is a Webasto diesel hydronic furnace to provide heat at all times.

There is a heated bathroom that is accessed from the interior of the boat, however there is not a shower.

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