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Halibut Fishing Charters &
Salmon & Rockfish Combo Trips

Whittier Fishing Charters with Crazy Rays Adventures Crazy Rays Adventures has been operating fishing charters, eco tours, and hunts out of Whittier harbor for over 20 years. Whittier is a beautiful Alaskan coastal community located at the head of Passage Canal surrounded by towering mountains, vast glaciers, and pristine forests.

What Makes Fishing From Whittier So Special? – First it is only a 1 hr drive south of Anchorage, Alaska, making it the closest available Alaska Halibut Charter from Anchorage. Next, Prince William Sound and the outer Gulf waters are abundant with many species of fish to include giant Pacific Halibut, all 5 species of Salmon, several species of Rockfish, Lingcod, and Pacific cod. All of our charters are multi-species which means every day we target a variety of fish.

If you’re looking for a professional, experienced Whittier fishing charter service Alaska, you found it. No Whittier fishing charter operation has been doin it as consistently as Crazy Ray’s. Our captains and guides all live in Alaska and have fished these waters since they were very young.

We are a locally Alaskan owned, family-operated business dedicated to providing the best possible Alaska fishing experience. We will go the extra mile to make sure you have a quality charter adventure.

You can book a fishing trip online or feel free to reach out to us anytime to book your next fishing, sightseeing, and transportation boat charters on Prince William Sound from Whittier, Alaska!

2024 Whittier Charter Fishing Options

3 Whittier Boats To Choose From

  • F/V Strait Crazy – 12 passenger
  • F/V Crazy Ray – 6 passenger
  • F/V iCrazy 2 – 6 passenger

5 Charter Types To Choose From

  • Halibut Combo Fishing
  • Halibut & King Salmon Combo Only
  • Salmon & Rockfish Combo
  • Port Ashton Lodge Overnight Trip
  • Live Aboard Long Range Fishing Trip

Pick A Month & Day To See Availability

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Booking Calendars For Individual Boats

F/V Strait Crazy
Halibut Combo Fishing 12 Passenger Charter

Ages 7+ • 10-12 hours!  • Up to 2-3 species • May 2 – September 7 2024

F/V Crazy Ray
Halibut Combo Fishing 6 Passenger Charter

Ages 7+ • 10-12 hours!  • Up to 2-3 species • May 2 – September 7 2024

F/V iCrazy 2
Halibut Combo Fishing 6 Passenger Charter

Ages 7+ • 10-12 hours!  • Up to 2-3 species • May 2 – September 7 2024

Whittier Charter Details

Seriously no bananas, YOU’LL WALK THE PLANK!

Where To Meet?

At the Crazy Shack on the harbor front next to the Harbormaster building no later than 6:45am for check in.
Please make sure you are on time. Parking is available in the parking lot in front of the Crazy Shack.

Someone with our crew will meet you there for a 7:00am departure.

* PLEASE NOTE: Our fishing vessel departs the Whittier Harbor roughly around 7:00am and return to the harbor between 5pm and 7pm daily. Please be prepared and have your ID and fishing license on hand prior to boarding the boats.

Late Policy

Failure to arrive on time will result in a boat group decision, made by other paying customers, on whether or not they are willing to wait to depart the harbor. This is to ensure fairness to all other paying customers who booked for a full day’s trip. Arriving late results in time away from fishing for others that arrived on time. There are NO refunds should you not arrive on time. NO EXCEPTIONS.

How We Fish

We do not typically target the 28″ Halibut. We try to target Halibut that are above average size so everyone on the boat catches something better than the status quo. It is not normal to catch Halibut under 28″ where we target larger Halibut. This requires us to fish differently than other boats you might have been on in the past.

We cannot and will not PARTY fish. Party fishing means that you would be fishing for a boat limit of fish and not an individual limit. It is against the law to do so and we do not allow it on our vessels. If you choose to fish with us, the normal routine is that once you catch a keeper size Halibut, you stop fishing for bottom fish until we move to a different location to target other species. Typically, when you fish on a spot there is only so many keeper sized Halibut down there and if you have already caught a keeper and continue to fish on bottom, most likely you will catch another Halibut. However, we will have to release it because of the PARTY fishing rule. Then what happens is somebody on the boat stands a greater chance of going home empty handed. In order to be fair to everyone, we fish like this in ALL of our mixed group trips. If you do not like this idea, then Crazy Rays Adventures, LLC probably isn’t the right charter for you.

Now, if you would like to do something different than our normal routine, we are definitely up for that, it’s more convenient to have all 6 or 12 anglers on the boat of the same party (whole boat reservation), this needs to be discussed at time of booking and in the morning with your Captain so that he can lay out the day accordingly. For any questions, please feel free to contact our booking office, Brenda at 907-315-5382, or Captain Crazy Ray at 907-355-3182.

Fishing License

Please visit the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website to stay up to date on current Sport Fishing Regulations.

To find regulations specific to the area we fish (3A South Central Alaska) Click Here.

What We Provide

We provide bait, tackle, rod & reel, and filet at the end of the day.

What You Need To Bring On Your Charter

1. Warm clothing, gloves, hat, in the event of cooler weather/ rain (typically in September)

2. Rain gear (recommended) bare minimum a rain coat. Regular tennis shoes are ok. Rain boots (recommended, not required) Water proof or water resistant shoes are ok to bring.

3. Lunch & Snacks for the day. Beverages of your choice. You may bring medium to small sized cooler, depending on size of your party. We do not provide meals on the boat.

4. Alcoholic beverages are allowed, however please remember to keep consumption within reason. This is a safety issue, DRUNK means we turn the boat around and there are NO REFUNDS. If you arrive drunk, you will not be boarding the boat!

5. Bring PRINTED copy of Fishing License or a signed digital copy is ok (NO PROXIES)

You may purchase your sport fishing licenses online at: www.adfg.alaska.gov Make sure to have a signed printed copy of your Sport fishing license or a signed digital copy on your smart phone prior to your fishing departure. To get the Alaska Department Fish and Game App Click Here.

*NOTE: Non-Resident Anglers under the age of 16, do not need to purchase a sport fishing license.

6. Trash bags WHITE and UNSCENTED. The local processor prefers these bags to take in your fish. They do not have to be white just make dang sure they’re unscented.

7. Ice chest / Coolers for transporting your fish back home (If transporting your fish out of Seward) These do not need to be on the boat. Please keep them in your vehicle until we get back to port at the end of your fishing trip.

What Not To Bring!

• NO DRUGS – This includes THC / Weed. Although legal in the state. It is ILLEGAL to have onboard and on Federal Waters.
• Glass Bottles
• Waders
• Bananas
• No open toed shoes
• A bad attitude – There are no guarantees when it comes to fishing. Fishing is and will always be fishing, not catching. One guarantee is all our Captains work hard daily to put you on quality fish!

* Please don’t forget to tip your deckhand. Deckhands work for tips! Standard tip is 15% – 20% of the total cost of your fishing trip or an average of $80 per person*

Fish Processing / Shipping Fish Home

• Fee’s Custom Seafoods 907-472-5055 (Whittier)

• Indian Valley Meats: 907-653-7511 (Closer to Anchorage) https://indianvalleymeats.com/

• 10th and M Seafoods (Downtown Anchorage) 907-272-3474, https://10thandmseafoods.com/

AK Trophy Expediters (Anchorage): 907-223-2666

• Trapper Creek (Anchorage) 907-561-8088 www.thefishsmoker.com

Fishing Charters From Whittier, Alaska

To get here you will travel The Portage Glacier Highway through Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, the longest (2.5 miles) highway tunnel in North America which is an amazing experience. The trip to Whittier alone is spectacular let alone the sights and wildlife you will see on one of our Whittier fishing charters.

The port of Whittier is our jump off point into Alaska’s Prince William Sound where we take you to fish halibut, salmon and rockfish. If fishing halibut is not your thing we also offer eco tours to see the amazing sights, wild life, whales, and birds in the wilds of Prince William sound. Plus we now offer outfitted (unguided) spring black bear hunts as well as sea duck hunts. There are also many other great things to do in Whitter, Alaska as well while you are here. We hope you will choose Crazy Rays Adventures as your fishing or wildlife guides in Whittier.

Whittier, AK is also home to a huge variety of marine mammals such as Humpback, Minke, Fin, and Killer Whales. The town is located in the western corner of Prince William Sound that is second to none for breathtaking views and abundant Glaciers. Our waters are typically calmer than other Ports as well because we have the option to fish inside protected area’s meaning less cancellations for weather and less chance for sea sickness.